Powering Your Electrical Contracting Business to Success

Beat your competition with the latest technology and suite of services tailored just for you.

ElectriGrowth PROGRAM:

The 3-Phase Power Plan for Electrical Contractors

1. Amp Up Traffic -

Generate Buzz and Lead the Charge

- NextDoor, Google, and Facebook Ads: Unleash the power of precision-targeted advertising to light up your services on the most impactful platforms. We focus on reaching your ideal customers, ensuring your business is the first they think of when they need electrical expertise.

-Electrician SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Enhance your online visibility with strategic SEO practices that elevate your website's ranking, making you the go-to electrical contractor in search results, and driving a steady stream of organic traffic.

-Direct Mail Campaigns: Cut through the noise with our direct mail service, combining compelling copy and striking graphics to make a memorable impact. This tailored approach not only gets you noticed but significantly boosts conversion rates.

Our mission is to turbocharge your electrical contracting business with a relentless flow of appointments and customers.

We Exclusively Work With Each Service Area in the USA. This is to protect our customers, and

not drive up your costs by competing with ourselves.

2. Flip the Switch Conversion -

Electrify Leads into Engagements

Online Conversion Optimization and AI Chatwidget: Instantly engage visitors with our AI chat widget and conversion optimization tactics. This ensures potential leads are instantly supported, making every site visit a step towards a new booking.

Invisible Traffic Analyzer and Retargeting on 90+ Platforms: Capture the attention of website visitors long after they've left your site. Our retargeting strategies keep you in their line of sight across numerous platforms, including news channels, LinkedIn, Facebook, and everywhere else they go online reigniting interest and converting browsers into buyers.

Speed to Lead Outreach: With responses within 1 minute of lead submission, we ensure your prospects are immediately engaged using Voice Ai and Messaging, dramatically increasing the likelihood of conversion by showing them they're your top priority.

Nurture Sequences for Electrical Prospects: Re-engage prospects who haven't yet converted with our tailored nurture sequences. These strategic communications keep your business top-of-mind, gently guiding leads back towards your services until they're ready to commit.

3. Closed Loop Retention - Secure the Connection for Continued Success

Database Reactivation, Cross-Selling, and Referral Generation: Engage 500 contacts monthly to rekindle old connections, introduce new services, and boost referrals. This approach not only retains but grows your customer base through trusted endorsements.

Review Generation: Amplify your business’s reputation with our proactive review generation system, helping you harness the power of positive feedback to attract more customers and cement your authority in the electrical contracting field.

Tracking Phone Numbers, Call Reporting, and Benchmark Metrics: Empower your strategy with in-depth analytics, tracking your progress and fine-tuning your approach for unbeatable ROI.

Inbound Missed Call Receptionist and After Hours: Never miss a call again with our round-the-clock receptionist service. We ensure every call is answered, capturing every opportunity—even after hours—so you’re always connected to potential business.

See What ElectriGrowth Can Do For Your Electrical Business

Get A Free Growth Assessment Which Includes:

  • Marketing Audit Report - Online Health Score, Reputation Review, Listing Audit

  • Competitor Analysis - PPC and SEO Audit

Additional In-Depth Reports:

  • Full Sales & Conversion Audit - Website Audit, Customer Journey, and Conversion Review

  • Automation Audit and Analysis - Review Opportunities to Use Automation and Ai to Sales and Cut Costs

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