Accelerate your business growth with the competitive advantage of the latest technology for your B2C company.

B2C Sales and marketing

We build a revenue driving, automated, magnetic system for you

AC/DC Marketing leverages over 50 years of sales expertise from founders Bryan Higgins and Ivan Zahemski to innovate B2C sales with AI.

Our suite of tools includes AI-driven social media engagement with personalized ice breakers, voice AI for efficient customer interaction, tailored email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and more.

Enhance customer follow-up with automated messaging, track website visitors with our Invisible Traffic Analyzer for precise retargeting across numerous platforms, and manage the entire sales cycle effectively.

Transform your B2C sales with our holistic, AI-powered strategies, optimizing every customer touchpoint for increased conversions and loyalty.

Business to Consumer Packages and Services Can Include:

  • Website Optimization and Conversion Setup for Funnel Growth

  • Revolutionize traditional sales calls with AI voice calling leads as soon as they come in

  • Inbound Receptionist & After Hours Handling with Ai Voice

  • Automated text and voice follow-ups, along with reminders, ensuring a seamless sales journey from the first contact to the close

  • Invisible Traffic Analyzer, offering unparalleled insights by revealing contact information of website visitors

  • Precise retargeting across 90+ platforms and channels

  • Database Reactivation Campaigns

  • EDDM / Direct Mail Campaigns

We are an AI driven digital marketing agency that delivers big results for big and small businesses. If you’re looking for a forward-thinking growth partner, we’d love to collaborate with you.

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