Google Ads, Display Ads & Retargeting

Beat your competition without spending your whole ad budget

PPC Smart Spark

We can build a revenue driving Local Pay Per Click strategy for your business.

The Smart Spark program was created by AC/DC Marketing based on the

elements that are absolutely required to run ads successfully on Google Ads. Our team has over 12 years of direct experience advertising online.

We have developed this product so that we only provide a service that includes every

aspect necessary for Google Ads success. Additionally, this product is designed

for a speedy tracking setup and campaign launch.

We provide our product to specific niches, ie solar, home services, and

direct response offers. These represent niches in which we are experienced,

knowledgeable, and have proven success.

What's included:

  • Onboarding Call

  • Account Setup (GTM, Google Analytics, Google Ads)

  • Landing Page Adaptation

  • Content updates

  • Image updates

  • Tracking Implementation for calls and lead form submissions

  • Local Area Call Tracking Numbers

  • Proven Campaign Setup (including keyword set, ad copy, audience

    targeting, ad extensions)

  • 6 Month Roadmap

  • Competitive Landscape and Offer Review